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Writing A New Chapter in the History of Innovation in Europe

A global hub for artists, startups, entrepreneurs and creators of all kinds is emerging in a place that has been pretty much “off the global map” since 1945, Kazimierz, a historic district in Kraków, Poland

Our Mission

Europe drove the first and second industrial revolutions in creating a better world through technology. Project Kazimierz is leading the renaissance in European Innovation in the Digital Age.


We are based in the historic Kazimierz district of Krakow, Poland. Once the heart of Poland's Jewish and international business community, Kazimierz emerged from the Second World War and Communism a shadow of its former glory. Now it is the most fashionable and charming part of the booming tech innovation hub of Krakow.

What We Do


Listen to interviews with the top tech talent, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and leaders that are pushing innovation forward in Europe.

Online Educational Videos

Watch videos of conferences and workshops that capture the future of innovation in Europe

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Connect with other entrepreneurs, tech talent, investors, and leaders in the European innovation movement.

Who We Serve

Innovation is about much more than technology. We bring together all of the talent necessary to create and communicate ideas that will change the future of innovation.


The Story of Kazimierz

The Kazimierz story is one of diversity, commerce, culture, and rebirth that symbolizes the improbable rebirth of Poland after almost 200 years of occupation.

The Rise Of Poland

  • C 600

    Slavic tribes form the first settlement in Krakow area on Wisla River

  • 1038

    Krakow’s Wawel Castle becomes the home of Polish Kings

  • 1241

    Krakow falls to the Mongol invaders in first of 3 invasions

  • 1264

    Polish Prince Boleslaus invites Jews to Poland

  • 1335

    King Casimir III forms the town of Kazimierz outside of Krakow

  • 1364

    King Kazimierz the Great founds the Krakow Academy (now Jagiellonian University)

Golden Age of Poland (1410 - 1794)

  • 1410

    Polish-Lithuanian Knights defeat the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of Grunwald

  • 1495

    King Jan I Olbracht moves Jews of Krakow to settle in Kazimierz

  • 1596

    King Sigusmund III moves the Capital of Poland to Warsaw

Captivity and National Rebirth (1795 - 1918)

  • 1772

    3 - First Partition of Poland occurs

  • 1791

    Kazimierz is incorporated into the city of Krakow

  • 1793

    Poland suffers second partition after it publishes Europe’s first democratic constitution

  • 1794

    Tadeusz Kosciuszko initiates insurrection in Krakow’s market square against foreign rule

  • 1815

    Krakow gains semi-autonomy and leads Polish Romantic Nationalist movement

  • 1846

    Krakow uprising begins and is crushed, ending Free City of Krakow’s independence

  • 1846

    The Polish Republic is established and Krakow becomes economic and cultural hub

  • 1846

    AGH University of Science and Technology established in Krakow

Polish Crisis and Occupation (1939 - 1988)

  • 1939

    Krakow and Poland falls to Nazi occupation at the start of World War II

  • 1941

    60,000 Jews are expelled from Kazimierz and herded into the Krakow Jewish Ghetto.

  • 1943

    Krakow Jewish ghetto is liquidated and all surviving Jews sent to concentration camps

  • 1945

    Krakow escapes destruction at the end of World War II when Germans retreat

  • 1945

    Last of 5,000 Jewish holocaust survivors emigrate from Kazimierz to Israel

Polish Rebirth (1988 - 2015)

  • 1988

    Jewish Cultural Festival in Kazimierz is founded by non-Jewish Poles

  • 1993

    Schindler’s list accelerates modern revival of Kazimierz and Jewish culture in Poland

  • 1996

    Future worldwide Polish internet giant is founded in Krakow with HQ in Kazimierz

  • 2007

    Google is establishes R&D facility in heart of Krakow, Poland

  • 2012

    Google for Entrepreneurs founded in Krakow

  • 2013

    Deutsche Telekom establishes Central Eastern European Hub:raum office in Krakow

The Future of Poland (2015 - Beyond)

  • 2015

    Project Kazimierz launches

  • 2016

    Entrepreneurship Academy established in heart of tech district in Krakow

  • 2017

    Krakow receives major influx of foreign capital investment in tech startups

  • 2018

    First Billion Dollar Company from Krakow sells, spawning a new generation of entrepreneurs and investment.

  • 2020

    Krakow is recognized as the top tech-startup and innovation center in Europe

Join us Writing the Future History of Innovation in Europe

Our Team

We are a team of developers, innovators, historians, artists, composers, and film-makers based in Krakow, Poland.

Founder Samuel Cook

A former Army Officer, and history teacher Sam spent 11 months traveling the world before he stumbled upon Krakow, Poland where he stopped traveling and founded James Cook Publishing.

Project Manager Ania Bywanis

Trained as a Lawyer, Anna decided to join the Krakow tech scene as a UI/UX Designer. Anna is too busy managing Project Kazimierz to have any hobbies aside from sampling high quality coffee.

Art Director Damian Watracz

When he is not traveling across the world on motorcyle trips taking photos, Damian produces the Project Kazimierz website design which according to him is GREAT.

Brand Designer Milosz Klimek

Inbetween long stretches of video games Milosz Klimek found the time to turn out the amazing logo and branding package for Project Kazimierz.

Chief Technology Officer Krzysztof Rusnarczyk

A former rollerblade stunt man (seriously), self-aware workaholic, Krzysztof works long hours to develop, maintain and update the Project Kazimierz website.

Developer Bart Dukes

A professional video game player and ASG afficianado, Bartek is dabbling in coding until the Polish Army finds him.

Organization Mastermind Daniel Di Giusto

The consumate Krakow networker and connector, Daniel administers the Project Kazimierz team as well as recruits new members.

Developer Marcin Klocek

Providing growth in tech aspects of startups. Web Developer and Growth Hacker. Geek. In love with books and old movies.

Developer Aleksandra Szczurek

Front-end developer and Web designer. Enjoy turning complex problems into simple. When she’s not in the zone of coding, you can find her geeking out over comic books or science.

Business Developer Romeo Mann

New Technology & Productivity Seeker, and Online Advertising & Sales Specialist. While not working on Project Kazimierz, he always enjoys a glass of good Portuguese vine.

Strategist Ewa Wysocka

Experienced online strategist. She keeps her mind focued with yoga classes and scuba diving to make sure that Project Kazimierz is going in the right direction.

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