Alexandra Pedraszewska – Polish non-technical co-founder of a tech startup in Cambridge/London (s5ep7)

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Guest: Alexandra Pedraszewska

Date Added: 31st Oct 2018

Length: 72 min, 06 sec


Aleksandra Pedraszewska is a Co-Founder and Head of Commercial at VividQ – a UK-based start-up offering revolutionary software platform for next generation holographic display. Aleksandra co-founded VividQ when completing her MPhil degree in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School. Today, she heads up VividQ’s sales, marketing, and operations teams based in London. She manages the implementation of VividQ software framework by world-leading customer electronics and embedded systems manufacturers.

Aleksandra is also involved in completing the £3m funding round (having previously raised £2.2 seed investment). Before, she gained professional experience at Rolls-Royce, HBO, and IdeaLab Ventures amongst others. Aleksandra is an avid contributor towards initiatives promoting women in tech and technologies originating from her home country – Poland (supporting the Polish innovation diaspora network PLUGin). She is a recipient of numerous prizes and scholarships, including Female Undergraduate of the Year 2015, and Cambridge Leadership Prize, and was named on the Code First: Girls “Ones to Watch 2018” list.

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