Creating Value With Artificial Intelligence: an interview with Rudradeb Mitra (s5ep3)

Podcast Details:

Guest: Rudradeb Mitra

Date Added: 13th Sep 2018

Length: 59 min, 53 sec


In this podcast Richard talks to Rudradeb about his new book. Creating Value With Artificial Intelligence: Lessons Learned from 10 yrs of Building AI Products and Overcoming Data, Adoption, and Engineering Challenges. It’s a good entry level introduction to the topic, and a great place to start if you know that AI is important but you don’t know where to start.

Rudradeb is an entrepreneur and AI/Machine Learning enthusiast. He loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. In the past 18 months, he has been invited to speak at over 40 events from 15 countries. His main message is that technologies like AI should be focused at creating value and helping the society.

He has been on Project Kazimierz before. If you like this episode and want to know more about what he thinks, and has done, check out the previous one here

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