Google Developers Program with Dawid Ostrowski (s4ep6)

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Guest: Dawid Ostrowski

Date Added: 18th Oct 2017

Length: 35 min, 01 sec


Dawid Ostrowski is startups and technology enthusiast, who loves to work in areas where humans and machines meet to create amazing new products and services. He is experienced program manager with strong technical background, who knows how to create and maintain relations with people, establish priorities for complex projects and execute across multiple organizations, according to long-term objectives.

Dawid has worked in Poland, USA, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands and truly values diversity of international working environment. His most visible characteristics are: individualization (when dealing directly with people), ideation&intellection (inexhaustible source of new concepts) and strong communication (experienced trainer, community manager). He is also an activator constantly impatient for action. Big fan of TED talks and REWORK book by 37signals.

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