John Murn – Founder of All Hands Taiwan, a fast-growing networking platform (s5ep16)

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Guest: John Murn

Date Added: 28th Jun 2019

Length: 68 min, 52 sec


John Murn is a marketing strategist based in Taipei, Taiwan.

After starting his career in 4A agencies, he now plies his trade in the adtech world, where he’s spent time working on e-commerce, streaming, mobile video advertising, and programmatic advertising optimization. In addition to his day job, John is a serial networker, which led to him recently co-founding All Hands Taiwan, a fast-growing platform for networking that seeks to make information and insights available and accessible to all professionals. In the span of just six months, All Hands has gone from a community-building platform to working with city and national governments, partnering with international commerce initiatives, contributing to the newly formed Alliance for a Globally-Oriented Taiwan, and commenting on nationwide labor bills.

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