Kai Parsons – TEDxYouth@CapeTown speaker and a young entrepreneur (s5ep9)

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Guest: Kai Parsons

Date Added: 12th Dec 2018

Length: 42 min, 12 sec


Kai Parsons is a young South African entrepreneur who believes that entrepreneurship is the key to solving some of societies biggest problems. He is the Co-Founder of Air Alert (a social enterprise that is creating an awareness of harmful gasses released by fossil fuels in informal settlements). He also Co-founded Silicon Development, a web development, and digital consultancy firm and has been involved in various other businesses in the past. With Kai’s ideas of how entrepreneurs solve problems in mind, he has become aware of how few entrepreneurs there are in most places in the world (and the subsequent lack of problem solvers). He believes this is largely contributed to the lack of proper entrepreneurial education in school. To share this finding and share some possible solutions he took to the TedxYouth Cape Town stage in 2018.

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