Invasion, Flight, Arrest, Imprisonment, Release and Fighting Back – the real “war story” of Krysia Griffith-Jones (s4ep10)

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Guest: Krysia Griffith-Jones

Date Added: 24th Nov 2017

Length: 62 min, 45 sec


Talks given by a Polish Second World War survivor about being a refugee in 1939, arrest and imprisonment by the Soviets. Her trek to join the Anders Army and other wartime experiences. Why have this talk as part of the Project Kazimierz podcast ?

Krysia Griffith-Jones says in her talk that one of the ideas that kept her and the other prisoners enslaved by the communists fighting to survive – was the thought that they must live – to tell the world of the Soviet crimes. It’s a privilege to use the Project Kazimierz podcast as part of that process. And particularly relevant now, as powerful forces try to gloss over what the USSR stood for.

Wojtek Narebski ended his talk with the statement “ My message to TEDxKazimierz is “if you are lucky enough to be alive and free – and to have a family – you should appreciate your family – and do something worth doing with your life” . Entrepreneurs need inspiration – and I hope people like Wojtek and Krysia inspire you – as much as they inspire me.

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