Richard Lucas in conversation with Dr Mark McKergow – author, scientist, and speaker (s5ep18)

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Guest: Mark McKergow

Date Added: 16th Oct 2019

Length: 58 min, 18 sec


Mark McKergow spoke at TEDxKazimierz in 2018 on the topic of host leadership. Dr Mark McKergow brings new ideas into the world of business and management, with an inimitable combination of scientific rigour and performance pizzazz. Mark is best known for his work on introduction the ideas of Solutions Focus (2002) and Host Leadership (2014), about which he has published extensively and helped to create self-sustaining user communities.
He likes ideas and approaches that make things simpler, quicker, cheaper and more respectful – particularly when they are based on something counter-intuitive and game-changing. More on Mark at and Mark McKergow leads Sunday Assembly in Scotland and plays a leading role in supporting the movement worldwide.

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