Patrick Ney – filmmaker, writer and digital marketer with 23 million views on Youtube (s4ep16)

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Guest: Patrick Ney

Date Added: 26th Mar 2018

Length: 72 min, 10 sec


Patrick Ney is a British-born filmmaker and writer living in Poland. His films focus on Polish society and history. They have had more than 23 million views in the last 12 months. He works as a digital marketer specialising in story-based digital sales funnels at James Cook Media. His specialisation is in producing short-form video content that works on Facebook.

He is a popular media commentator on UK-Polish affairs. He also regularly appears as a guest in podcasts on digital marketing and LinkedIn. Brought up in the United Kingdom, Paddy moved to Poland in 2010. ‘There’s so much going on in Poland,’ he says, ‘it’s this cauldron of dynamism, hard work and opportunity. Living here has changed me, and it’s my purpose in life to help Poles to develop as well.’

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