The Wall Street Lab interviews Richard Lucas (s3ep3)

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Guest: Richard Lucas

Date Added: 22nd Feb 2017

Length: 68 min, 10 sec


An interview with Ricahrd Lucas by The Wall Street Lab Podcast – orginally went on line here This is what they wrote “Richard Lucas is an angel investor who is currently involved with close to 20 different companies across a variety of industries. He has made many investments into world-class startups over the years, including deals with startups backed by the likes of Y Combinator. For example, Richard was an early investor in the company Estimote, which won the 2013 Tech Crunch disrupt in the Hardware category. Part of the reason why Richard is such a fascinating person to talk to, is that he is involved in a variety of projects outside of his main work. He is the founder of Cambentrepreneurs, an alumni network for the graduates of Cambridge University and others focusing on entrepreneurship. He is also the license holder of Tedx Kazimierz, which is an independently organized Ted event in Krakow, Poland. Richard Lucas Our interview with Richard is jam-packed with really great and practical insights into the mind of someone who, in his own words, thinks about the world in terms of problems and solutions. We touch on some of the red flags he looks for before deciding to invest in a business and the importance of building a company with an exit plan in mind: “If you don’t build a company with an exit in mind, then you don’t really prepare for it.” Richard Lucas We also discuss the reasons why he has deliberately decided not to exited any of his business, despite having received offers to sell them: “I’ve never done an exit and that is not because I have never been offered money for my businesses, but it never seemed sensible to take money at 3x or 4x earnings, because 3 or 4 years later you have got the same amount of money if the company doesn’t fail, and you still own it.” Richard Lucas We also talk about his early experience as an entrepreneur and the lessons he learned, which he openly shares with us. You – yes, you – are lucky for living in an era of information abundance. Don’t take our word for it: “The great advantage for listeners now is: you can be 19 and or even 10 and listen to this and think: oh, I won’t make the same mistake as Richard Lucas. I am really jealous of you guys for being able to compress all that knowledge”. Richard Lucas And this is just the tip of the iceberg!”

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