Live Podcast Recording with Sam Cook (s4ep1)

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Guest: Sam Cook

Date Added: 13th Sep 2017

Length: 44 min, 13 sec


A special event live recording during the Project Kazimierz event in Food&People by Pastrami with Sam Cook.

The Krakow Fringe Festival is a new arts and culture festival that will take place between June 15th-18th 2017.

During this event, Sam has officially hand overed the project to Richard Lucas. As a farewell to the project, Sam gave a talk on how to use StoryTelling to improve your business, and then Richard recorded a live Podcast interview with Sam followed by live Q&A.

Project Kazimierz was founded in May, 2015 as a podcast to study the history and future of innovation in Central Europe. Based in Krakow, Poland, the co-hosts Richard Lucas and Samuel P.N. Cook both have moved to Krakow to setup their business and lives.

During Episode 1 of Project Kazimierz, Richard and Sam discussed what brought them to Poland (Richard 25 years ago, and Sam in 2014). Sam also discussed his publishing venture, James Cook Publishing, which he setup and was scaling at the time in Krakow.

In September, 2015, Sam’s venture hit a rough patch where he was running out of cash. After an unsuccessful trip to the United states to try to save his business, he returned to Poland to start over.

In Episode 21 of Project Kazimierz, Sam recorded an episode on Failure with Richard (right after his business crashed, and he was starting with less than nothing – at the time).

Since this time (Almost 2 years ago), Sam has built a new business and learned a lot from the lessons of his failure. One of the most powerful lessons he has learned will help founders and marketers understand the power of StoryTelling in your business.

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